Our mission

Our Vision

To help you set your financial goals. To give you a plan on how much to regularly save so you can be confident you're on target.
We want you to feel good about how your investments are working for you, to understand the key concepts about investing so that you make the right decisions for you and your family.
Piggy Bank


We use low cost funds, with a low minimum for you to get started, so the service is manageable.
Computer devices

Simple to access

We've built a system you can easily use on your mobile or computer. If you struggle - we've got it wrong.
Tablet device

Easy to understand

We break down the jargon and make sure that we're always telling you what you need to know when you need to know it.

Enjoyable to use

You shouldn't dread your first investment with us. There may be lots of things we have to ask, but we've tried to make it simple, even (dare we say it) fun.


We use modern techniques to spread your investments across many sectors and countries, the opposite of putting your “eggs in one basket”.

Whose bright idea was this?

Moola has a team with a wealth of experience in finance, technology and the internet.
Meet some of the key people.
Gemma Godfrey
Gemma Godfrey
Founder and CEO
Gemma has a background in finance and the ability to translate investing into language that makes sense.
Prior to Moola, Gemma was the head of investment strategy at an AIM-listed wealth management firm. She is a frequent contributor in the media and a trusted expert on TV and social media.
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan
Co-Founder and CTO
Co-Founder and CTO at VouchedFor, the UK’s top destination for finding top-rated financial advisers, Andrew saw first hand people’s peace of mind when they got the right investment advice.
Prior to that Andrew spent his career in technology running a large and successful eCommerce site for Motability Operations.

Our People

Lexa Hunt
Lexa Hunt
Adrian Gostling
Adrian Gostling
Lead Engineer
Stuart Neale
Stuart Neale
UX & Design
Lexa Hunt
Simon Moore
Chief Investment Officer