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If we explained the basics simply, without jargon. Then we recommended one portfolio designed to grow your savings.
If you could try it with a low initial investment and you knew our experts were looking out for your best interests.

It's your future

Take control, set achievable goals or just save for a rainy day.
Then sleep well at night knowing your money is protected and growing.

The future of investing

Always at your fingertips, no exit charges, forever low fees and just so simple.
Bank-level security - your data and money are safe.
Best of breed investment allocation.
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Tax taken care of - we fill in the forms you need.
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Transparent and easy to understand costs.

Made for you

You find out your personal attitude to risk, then we build your own perfect, tailored investment plan
You get financially smarter and understand your money better.

Why now?

Last year our founders were becoming increasingly annoyed that the industry seemed to want to keep finance and investing complicated.
Moola was born out of this frustration and with one simple goal: easy, low cost, high quality investing that anyone could get started with quickly.
Previously focused on managing the money of the very wealthy. Gemma now brings that wealth of knowledge to Moola and can frequently be seen on TV, Radio and in the national press.